Debra Messing: ‘It’s time to make America gay again!’

The Red Carpet

GLAAD board member Lana Moore, a retired fire captain, best summed up her organization: “GLAAD is ready to slide down the fire station pole when an emergency strikes,” but they also do the drills enforce the codes to prevent disasters in the first place, but for LGBTQ media representation. “All most people see are the lights and sirens.” It is a media watchdog, advocate trainer, and a few nights like this recognizing those who amplify our stories best.


It’s no understatement when people call this the “Gay Oscars.” This year’s hands-down winner of the GLAAD award for wide-release films, Moonlight, also took home three Academy Awards including Best Picture. It was the first LGBTQ-focused feature to snag that title. More and more often, strong and diverse LGBTQ are translating to critical and popular mainstream success. GLAAD comedy series winner Transparent just wrapped filming for its 4th season. The Amazon show beat out Steven Universe, which stood out for for being the only cartoon series, and one tremendously popular among adolescents and younger ages at that.

The red carpet leading up to the ceremony is two hours of controlled chaos. Visually, everything screams glitz from the repeating backdrop to the carefully spaced lighting and velvet ropes. Then there was me and my three-dollar selfie stick preparing for the live feeds, that is. At least I was wearing a proper gown as advised, or I would have felt terrified. You talk to whomever you can for a few minutes each, then on to the next reporters they go.

Nervousness around tremendously famous people is par for the course, but GLAAD feels like family, especially among my transgender siblings. Many of us have crossed paths representing the community at other events. I get most giddy around personal heroes, who doesn’t? There were people in the room who personally inspired me into being myself and speaking up. Others have overcome truly amazing odds.

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