Trump has accomplished nothing in his first 100 days

He has threatened to defund Planned Parenthood, the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities (which includes Big Bird), the National Institutes of Health including cancer research and HIV/AIDS projects, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) food assistance program and global food assistance programs, student Pell Grants, Community Development Block Grants, which funds Meals on Wheels, Low Income Home Energy Assistance program, plus AmeriCorps and SeniorCorps.

Trump has further terrorized immigrant communities with the threat of mass deportations and warnings of stopping all federal funding to sanctuary cities. He was able to attain the firm and definitive commitment of Mexico never to fund a border wall.

He has cozied up to tyrannical autocrats in Russia, Egypt, and Turkey and expressed his admiration (while not actually endorsing) a crypto-fascist candidate in the French presidential elections, while offending longtime ally nations: Mexico, Australia, Sweden, France, and Britain. He supported Brexit, which could ultimately lead to the downfall of the European Union.

Trump continued his dedicated support for his fired alleged sexual predator friend at Fox News, and he is often seen in the close company of Wayne LaPierre and other officials of the National Rifle Association while he promises to roll back even the current meager regulations on firearms.

In his admission to “deconstruct the administrative state,” Trump’s chief political strategist, Steve Bannon, trumpeted the president’s strategy of placing into influential positions of power people intent on privatizing public education, eliminating environmental regulations, eradicating the Environmental Protection Agency, and deregulating hazardous and polluting fossil fuel industries like coal and oil.

Rather than “draining the swamp” as promised, Trump has restocked the deep and murky muck many times over.

Trump has given sway over the Department of Health and Human Services to someone with investment ties and potential conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies, medical devises, and health insurance companies. He appointed a person charged with administering public housing who has virtually no experience and initially no interest in serving. He chose an Attorney General whose background in the area of civil and human rights has been seriously questioned at the very least, and a Secretary of State with a long career connected to the oil and gas industry and with a track record of serving as an instrument of Vladimir Putin and Russian interests.

Trump has failed to nominate candidates for 85% of executive positions — literally hundreds of unfilled important government jobs that require Senate confirmation — leaving his administration seriously understaffed and the people of our country seriously under-served.

Trump’s pick for his first national security advisor, retired Army Lt. General Mike Flynn, in a 2010 military tribunal was convicted of having “inappropriately shared” classified information with foreign governments, and during the presidential campaign circulated false conspiracy theories. Flynn also served as a “foreign agent” to Turkey without declaring it until recently. Now he has been charged with breaking protocol and lying about it by negotiating with Russian government official on possible sanctions relief before Trump took office.

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