Trump has accomplished nothing in his first 100 days

Trump has accomplished nothing in his first 100 days
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“No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” Trump boldly asserted to his rally audience in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But beneath this Trumpian hyperbole, what has he actually accomplished?

The White House website lists 28 bills signed by Trump. Though this is the highest since 1949, it stands well below the 76 signed by Roosevelt in 1933. As PolitiFact reports, however, many of Trump’s bills were “minor or housekeeping bills,” and “none met a longstanding political-science standard for ‘major bills’.”

After Senate leadership nuked the 60-vote threshold and effectively decimated the potential for cross-partisan consensus in the confirmation process for members of the highest and most impactful court in the land, the Senate confirmed Trump’s ultra-conservative nominee for the Supreme Court. This portends major consequences, not the least of which jeopardizes women’s reproductive freedoms, and the continued increases of corporate funding for political candidates and office holders.

What actions did Trump take to fulfill his campaign promise to restore the middle class? Well, for one thing, he eliminated the Obama era’s planned reduction of mortgage insurance premium rates, which Obama implemented to make home ownership more affordable. Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which virtually ensures China a lock on trade in the Asian-Pacific region.

In addition, while he complained about some sort of conspiratorial voter fraud that deprived him of garnering the popular vote in the last election, he has done nothing to curb the real voter suppression efforts by the Republican Party nationwide, nor has he pushed to restore the Voting Rights Act to its once effective version before the Supreme Court gutted its chief provisions.

At press conferences, Trump disrespects reporters. He demands they “sit down” when they ask questions he doesn’t like, and he speaks of a “running war” with the media. He has even accused “freedom of the press” as the cause of terrorist bombings in the U.S. He labeled the venerable New York Times as “failing,” and BuzzFeed as “a failing pile of garbage.” He also demanded the cast of Hamilton to issue an apology to the vice president for being “rude.” So presidential!

Congressional oversight committees are investigating numerous scandals swirling throughout his administration placing Trump in a collision course with the Constitution regarding possible links to Russia in influencing the outcome of the past election and serious concerns over his business ventures and conflicts of interest.

Trump has consistently increased the portfolios of his daughter and son-in-law who have no actual experience in the positions they are expected to fill. And he reneged on a campaign promise by refusing to release his tax documents.

Since Trump’s inauguration, the White House website has removed reference to LGBT issues and policies and issues of climate change from the previous administration, and reversed an Obama-era executive order permitting trans students to use school facilities most closely aligning with their gender identities.

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