You’ll boo this loser as he pays the price for his homophobia on a blind date

Photo: Postpickle via Facebook

If only every bad blind date could end with this much class. A new video from India sets the stage for what appears to be a classic tale of heterosexual harmony, until it goes off the tracks.

The video is produced by Postpickle and shared on Facebook, as Gay Star News reported.

In this short film, a nervous woman on her very first blind date is interrupted by her distracted paramour, asking if they can change tables.

“Yeah, sure. But what’s wrong?” she asks. Interspersed in their conversation are bits of their native tongue.

“I feel uncomfortable,” he says. “A guy with another guy like this — it’s completely immoral and unethical. Our culture doesn’t teach us this.”

What she says and does next will make you stand up and cheer.

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