Radio host accuses gays of stealing rainbow from God, demands we ‘give it back’

Radio host accuses gays of stealing rainbow from God, demands we ‘give it back’
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And lo, the Word was handed down on high, to the antigay activist, preacher and American Family Association radio host Bryan J. Fischer, that God wants His rainbow back.

Sorry, what now? Behold: the tweet posted on the Sabbath:

As the Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke wrote, this is bad news for the LGBTQ community, who just on Friday mourned Gilbert Baker, the activist who created the rainbow flag. But Fischer — who Huppke predicted is “the likely future star of ‘Law & Order: Divine Victims Unit’ — doesn’t seem to understand “why Baker’s flag remains important,” as Huppke wrote.

The gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people who have come out of the closet to wave Baker’s creation around the world, he wrote, “continue to fight not just for civil rights but, in some cases, their very right to exist.”

I’m sorry, Mr. Fischer, but the rainbow on that flag still has work to do.

So you can go on thinking that God feels ripped off if you want.

But you’ll find the world a better place if you consider that God and Mr. Baker might be looking down right now admiring their handiwork, marveling at the beauty of bent light and changed minds.

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Twitter saw something of a Big Bang in response to Fischer’s demand that we surrender the rainbow.

Huppke noted that Fischer spent the Sabbath morning tweeting “rather than praying for forgiveness for his insistence that ‘homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler,'” a fact that brought to mind another biblical verse:

And if God did invent the rainbow, then logically this conclusion is inescapable:

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