Lesbian teen showers her dad with love for giving her this rainbow umbrella


Nevaeh Sotelo, 15, has one very awesome dad, and she let the world know about it on Twitter. The Fort Worth, Texas teen, who goes by Nev, came out in 2015, and told BuzzFeed her dad was a big supporter early on.

What’s now clear to everyone who follows Nev is just how big a supporter he really is.

The proof was in a simple gift: a rainbow umbrella, that is tied with a printed message when closed: “Be You, Be True, Be Awesome.”

Nevaeh Sotelo

“The wording on the umbrella was perfect,” Robert Sotelo told BuzzFeed. “When I read it and saw the rainbow pattern, I knew it had Nevaeh all over it.”

…It’s a cruel world and some people have trouble being true to themselves and Nevaeh isn’t, and that takes guts.

Nev told the website her dad “reminds me everyday that he loves me and who I am with small gestures like these.” And her father was happy to see the tweet was well-received with hundreds of retweets.

“I am glad other kids are seeing it. So they can see there are other good people out here who support you. Embrace who you are and never let it bring you down.”

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