Lesbian couple crowdfunding fertility treatments after government refuses help

chelsea sarah
Chelsea and Sarah say they just want to have a family.Photo: GoFundMe/Chelsea Cruickshank

A lesbian couple from London has turned to GoFundMe to pay for the costs of having a baby.

Chelsea and Sarah Cruickshank are trying to raise £7000 (about $8300) for private artificial insemination treatment. Each round of artificial insemination treatment costs £2100 (about $2600), and the couple says they will use the balance to help others with the same problem if the treatment works in the first round.

Sarah says that they are having trouble saving for the procedure on her income as an administrative worker. Chelsea is currently not working and wants to be a stay-at-home mother.

Chelsea has been trying to get help for the procedure from the UK’s national health care system for six years. The couple has already paid around £2100 for medical examinations, and Chelsea is “completely fertile.” This is a problem when it comes to coverage, though: the UK will only pay for fertility treatments when there is a physical impediment to conceiving.

“I don’t have a fertility problem, I have a man problem,” Chelsea told GazetteLive.

“We should have the same rights as anybody else to have a baby, and there is no help out their for same-sex couples,” Chelsea continued.

Chelsea and Sarah have earned £160 in pledges as of Wednesday morning.

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