These Trump inspired cocktails can help you survive the next four years

These Trump inspired cocktails can help you survive the next four years
The Michelle and the Melania share many things, but one is obviously classier than the other.Photo: provided by author

If you’re going to keep your sense of humor through the Trump administration, chances are high that you’ll need a stiff drink or six. So when I got a copy of Cocktails For Survival: Not as Trump as you drink I am in the mail from a friend, I knew I’d finally found a helpful guide to blissfully tuning out the day’s political atrocities.

A collaboration published under the name “Drunk Publius,” the clever little book truly was a group effort according to Amy Masson, one of the brains behind the slender tome.

“We were drinking together a week after the election, to commiserate, and someone said, ‘How will we get through this?’ And someone else suggested alcohol and before we knew it, a list of drinks was coming fast and furious,” Amy told LGBTQ Nation. “I had to get a notebook to start writing them down.”

Cocktails for Survival contains over 50 drink recipes to help you survive the Trump presidency and whatever it brings. Some drinks will be familiar to mixologists and some connoisseurs – especially the Melania and the Michelle (pictured above). Others take a whole new twist on old classics, but the descriptions and extra details are what makes this witty book the life of the party.

Are you mad because Mike Pence and his government speculum are threatening your reproductive rights? Fix yourself a delicious “Bloody Wherever”. Worried that the legality of your marriage is in danger? You’ll want to whip up a “Societal Collapse” for you and your spouse. Depressed about the lack of clean air and water? Why not drown your sorrows with a “Climate Denier”?

Check out a few of my favorites below, but be sure to follow them on Twitter after you go order your own copy. These drinks are as delicious as they are hilarious and the spirits will lift your spirits.

Warning: Drinking too many of these drinks may cause you to forget that Trump is president.

Cocktails For Survival: The Conversion Therapy
Cocktails For Survival: The Pussy Grabber
The Little Marco and the Bloody Wherever from Cocktails For Survival

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