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Minnesota GOP creates loophole to discriminate and deny trans health coverage

Minnesota GOP creates loophole to discriminate and deny trans health coverage
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Minnesota Republicans know full well that federal law prohibits health insurance companies from denying transgender Americans coverage for transition-related care, including gender confirmation surgery. But apparently they’re growing impatient, waiting for the Republican-controlled Congress in Washington, D.C. to repeal the Affordable Care act, known more commonly as Obamacare.

So they’ve found a legal loophole to allow discrimination, reports The Column.

The state GOP introduced a bill in the Minnesota House Monday that, if passed, would allow health insurance companies to deny coverage to transgender Minnesotans seeking transition-related health care.

The bill is HB1183 and it says, in part:

“A health plan is not required to provide coverage for health services related to gender transition, including but not limited to sex reassignment surgery.”

And to get around that bothersome Obamacare regulation that makes it illegal to discriminate against trans folk, the state representatives created a legal escape clause:

“This subdivision applies to health plans not governed by the requirements of Code of Federal Regulations, title 45, part 92. This paragraph expires upon the receipt of any federal waivers or upon any changes to federal law that are necessary to allow all health plan companies to implement paragraph (a). The commissioner of commerce shall notify the revisor of statutes when this paragraph expires.”

Put simply, this bill only applies to Minnesota health plans when the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

This monstrous measure is the work of eight Minnesota Republicans, and here are their names: Reps. Glenn Gruenhagen of Glencoe, Kathy Lohmer of Stillwater, Eric Lucero of Dayton, Bud Nornes of Fergus Falls, Josh Heintzeman of Nisswa, Steve Green of Fosston, Matt Grossell of Clearbrook, and Cindy Pugh of Chanhassen.

Read the full description of the bill on the legislature’s website by clicking here.

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