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Michele Bachmann: Obama forces foreign governments to march in pride parades

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” radio program late last week to discuss the incoming Trump Administration.

In her appearance, which was captured by RightWingWatch, she denounced the State Department for forcing foreign government ministers to march in gay pride parades. It is unclear what she is referring to.

Financial incentives are withheld from countries unless they advance, for instance, the gay agenda. In a country that doesn’t believe in the gay agenda, the Obama State Department has said, “Look, you have to have a Gay Pride parade. You have to make sure that you can show us that ministers are marching in this Gay Pride parade.” What? The US government is telling another government, “You have to have Gay Pride parades”? That’s unbelievable! “You won’t get your PEPFAR money, you won’t get your USAID money, unless you follow our radical social agenda”?

You know, we laughed about this earlier. We conservatives are always blamed that we want to talk about social issues too much. That’s all the left will talk about, social issues. And yet they are willing to use U.S. tax money, in other words, your listeners’ hard-earned tax money, to beat over the head other nations to come into conformity with lifestyles and behaviors that we know can be detrimental to people and that don’t advance the American cause.

PEPFAR is a US-initiative that gives money to combat HIV/AIDS around the world. USAID funds are used for poverty and disaster relief.

In the wake of president-elect Trump’s victory, aid workers and foreign policy experts have worried that the Trump Administration will scrap programs and reduce USAID and other foreign aid funding.

Listen to Bachmann make her remarks in the audio below.

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