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Kim Davis’ lawyer: Police traumatized by walking in blood from gay Pulse victims

Kim Davis and attorney Mat Staver
Kim Davis and attorney Mat StaverPhoto: Associated Press

The Florida attorney who founded Liberty Counsel and defended Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has a problem with the facts when it comes to the massacre at Pulse nightclub last summer, reports Right Wing Watch. Mat Staver said on Friday’s “Faith and Freedom” broadcast being gay had nothing to do with the attack, and his sympathies lie with the “traumatized” police who he said had to be “tested for AIDS-related conditions.”

“In regards to the Pulse nightclub, as tragic as it is, some of these officers have no doubt gone through trauma as well,” Staver said, “because they were going through the Pulse nightclub, it was blood everywhere and, you know, they’re having to get tested for AIDS-related conditions because they’re literally walking in pools of blood.”

Staver’s radio co-host Holly Meade made the point that Pulse gunman Omar Mateen “was dealing with homosexual sin on his own behalf,” which both his widow and investigators have denied. Then she claimed the massacre that took the lives of 49 people, almost all of them members of Central Florida’s vibrant LGBTQ community, had absolutely nothing “to do with killing homosexuals at all.”

Staver concurred and stated that it was “very clear” the gunman acted out of loyalty to ISIS, and that those who said “it was the rainbow flag, it was an anti-gay issue,” including former President Obama, were using the killings to promote a false narrative.

Listen to this clip from Staver and Meade’s radio program, courtesy Right Wing Watch:

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