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Gay couple attacked by gang of 15 armed assailants on Christmas Day

A young couple in northern England was beaten outside of a pub on Christmas day in an unprovoked attack.

Jayson Homer and his partner, who wishes to remain anonymous, were having a drink on Christmas with their friend Marc Vasey and another woman at a pub in Thornaby, UK, when a woman they did not know insulted Vasey’s religion.

The fight escalated from there, Vasey told GazetteLive. “Then another lad from the group came over saying being Jewish was a race. I was disagreeing with him and it was just a little debate really at first.

“But then the girl started shouting ‘queer’ at me. Every time I went to the toilet someone said it while I was walking past.”

Homer was also harassed while smoking outside The Jolly Farmers Pub.

When the situation in the pub became tense, the 20 and 21-year-olds decided to go to a friend’s house. While walking, they were approached by a group of about 15 from behind and Homer was attacked with a bottle.

“I was bottled in the face. I couldn’t really see what was happening because they had knocked my glasses off and my eye was filled with blood.”

Vasey got a black eye and nerve damage to the cheek. The attackers left bruises all over Homer’s partner’s body, broke his nose, and possibly cracked some ribs.

“It was calculated, they followed us down with weapons,” said Homer’s partner.

Homer said, “I’m not going to let it stop me from going out, but it has petrified me from leaving the house by myself. And it has left me… feeling suicidal.”

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