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Court orders 12 hours of daily ‘youth community’ for ‘effeminate’ boy

Social services mentioned an incident where Marco wore nail polish and glitter to school in its report.Photo: Wikipedia

An Italian court ordered a 13-year-old boy to attend “youth community” from 7AM to 7PM each day after testimony that he “flaunts his effeminacy in a provocative way,” The Independent reports.

The boy, only called “Marco” in court documents, came under scrutiny after he accused his father of sexually abusing him. Charges against the father were dismissed, but the court said there was no reason to doubt Marco’s story, according to Il Mattino (translation from Gay Star News).

The father reported the mother to social services when she refused to allow him to see Marco.

The court heard testimony from social services that said Marco has a “personality disorder.” “In relationships with peers and adults he is aggressive, provocative, rude and tends to be eccentric…. He tends to say in every way that he is different and flaunts effeminacy in a provocative way.”

Social services’ report said Marco has “deep relational problems and psychological distress signals,” that his relationship with his mother was like an “addiction,” and suggested that the boy might grow up to be gay.

The report highlighted an incident in which Marco went to school with with glitter and nail polish on, but his mother said it was for Halloween.

The President of the Court of Minors Maria Teresa Rossi denies that she imposed the order because of Marco’s sexual orientation. “Any measure that restricts parental responsibility is linked to a comprehensive review of their adequacy to fill their role and the protection of the child is our primary interest,” Rossi said.

The mother plans to appeal the order.

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