3 weird new myths about transgender people debunked

Myth #2: Abusing transgender people is good for them

A number of conservatives, including Milo Yiannopolous, anti-LGBT think tanks, popular conservative websites, and promoters of religious based reparative therapy, have been telling their audiences that they should abuse, mock, humiliate, and discriminate against transgender people for their own good.  If this sounds both awful and ignorant, it is.

There are plenty of actual peer-reviewed studies which inform us that transgender people do better when they live in places which are more affirming and have legal protections.  Transgender people, both youth and adults, have better mental life outcomes when they have supportive families. Rejection, discrimination, and abuse are among the best predictors for suicide, drug use, homelessness, and other bad outcomes for transgender people. Other longitudinal research suggests that as a society becomes more accepting over time, the rate of these bad outcomes falls within the normal range for the population.

The (flawed) logic being employed by people advocating abuse and discrimination is that if transgender people are treated badly enough, they’ll self-deport to the closet and stop being transgender.  And if they’re not transgender, then they will be better off. This makes as little sense, both logically and morally, as advocating for society to abuse autistic people until they decide to stop being autistic.

Which is to say: absolutely none.

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