Watch: Comic Zach Noe Towers lays out the pros and cons of Christmas

Watch: Comic Zach Noe Towers lays out the pros and cons of Christmas
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Los Angeles-based comedian Zach Noe Towers teams up with his hunky friend Kevin to lay out the good and the bad about Christmas “so you can decide whether this is the year we all move to Canada.”

“What’s going on in the world today people? We’ve got Brexit, we’ve got Trump, and to top that all off, the holidays are upon us,” Towers says. “I don’t even know if I should feel happy or sad.”

To help sort out his feelings, Towers breaks down the pros and cons of Christmas.

Among the pros: less pressure to be in good shape, festive wear, and the normalization of alcoholics’ drinking habits.

“Beach bodies can finally go into hibernation. Instead of homo-fit, we can just be hetero-fit,” Towers says. “Have you seen how care-free a 45-year-old straight man eating pie is?”

On the flip side, people like handsome Kevin wear more clothing and you have to buy gifts for others.

Both a pro and a con? Spending time with family.

“You didn’t pick these assholes,” he explains, “but every once in a while you have to have dinner with them.”

What are your Christmas pros and cons?

[H/T: Gay Star News]

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