The top 15 posts on LGBTQ Nation over the past year

The top 15 posts on LGBTQ Nation over the past year

Stories about the presidential election easily dominated the top posts on LGBTQ Nation this year. The more outrageous Trump’s behavior, the more our readers ate it up and shared the content on social media.

While some heartwarming pieces and stories about celebrities made it into this year’s top 15 posts, as with most media sources, Trump easily destroyed all the competition.

So what made it on the list? Check them out below.

1. Donald Trump pledges to sign anti-LGBTQ ‘First Amendment Defense Act’ by Jeff Taylor

2. To battle homophobia, straight celebs pose as gay couples by staff reporter

3. Mike Pence’s top seven most homophobic moments (out of many) by John Gallagher

4. 21 heartbreaking things that happened to people of color one day after Trump’s win by Bil Browning

5. Nursing student at Pulse stopped running for his life to save stranger by Dawn Ennis

6. Donald Trump: ‘I’ll overturn the shocking gay marriage decision – trust me’ by staff reporter

7. Watch: Rachel Maddow chokes up describing Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT policies by Erin Rook

8. One Million Moms has meltdown over Zales commercial featuring lesbian couple by Graham Gremore

9. Donald Trump says he’ll overturn same-sex marriage decision if elected by staff reporter

10. Will Beyoncé, Madonna, & Gaga steal the spotlight with Inauguration Day concert? by Jeff Taylor

11. The top ten worst comments Donald Trump has made about LGBTQ people by Matt Baume

12. Racist Trump supporter from craft store identified and shamed on social media by Graham Gremore

13. Federal judge rules Mississippi can begin legal discrimination July 1 by Dawn Ennis

14. Due to gaffe, antigay hate group raises thousands of dollars for LGBTQ teen gala by staff reporter

15. Stephen Colbert’s Melania Trump impersonator will have you in stitches by Bil Browning

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