Rightwing pundit calls on Trump’s health secretary to end HIV/AIDS programs

Rightwing pundit calls on Trump’s health secretary to end HIV/AIDS programs

Linda Harvey, founder of the anti-LGBTQ Christian right organization with the video game sounding name Mission: America, has penned an article for WorldNetDaily in which she calls on Donald Trump’s pick for health secretary to make some serious changes to the CDC’s HIV/AIDS messaging.

Namely, she wants Tom Price to tell the world that gay people don’t really exist.

“But many Americans have wept as sons, brothers and friends have perished from AIDS, and long for an Uncle Sam public health message that tells the truth: No male ever needs to engage in anal sex with another male, and we need to stop accommodating homosexual behavior and ‘gay’ identity at the CDC,” Harvey writes.

She calls the CDC HIV/AIDS program a “nest of vipers.”

“Will CDC continue to treat homosexual behavior as a respectable identity instead of what it actually is – high-risk, unnecessary deviance that no one needs to engage in?” she continues.

“CDC has become largely ineffective on the HIV/AIDS issue related to homosexual behavior, adopting shoot-itself-in-the-foot tactics of self-perpetuation. For instance, one new CDC HIV program is called ‘Doing It.‘ This suggestively named campaign validates the known transmission vehicle of anal sex.

“‘Doing It’ refers to the recommendation to get tested for HIV. That’s the current CDC epidemic-management emphasis, virtually ignoring the real solution: abstinence.”

Ironically, studies have shown that abstinence only sex education results in more oral and anal sex, not less.

“No male is ‘gay,’ first of all, and the CDC’s own clinical description of the transmission category, ‘males who have sex with males,’ has avoided the nebulous ‘gay’ label in favor the more accurate description of behavior. So why use misleading identity-politics terms? The agency culture seems to favor propping up the mythological ‘gay’ identity, when it should be dismantling it,” Harvey claims.

Or, you know, because bisexuals exist, as well as experimental straight men, as well as situational homosexuality, as well as sexual fluidity.

While we’re at it, so do gay men, believe it or not.

In case you were previously unaware of Harvey and her organization, here are some of her other outlandish claims:

Price, meanwhile, has a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign for consistently voting against LGBTQ rights.

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