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Japanese snacks features kissing queer couples on their packaging

Japanese snacks features kissing queer couples on their packaging
Photo: zaikabou

Japanese companies Kirin and Glico teamed up earlier this year to bring consumers a little bit of love with their snacks. Beverage company Kirin and snack food manufacturer Glico’s marketing departments joined forces by creating packaging that shows couples showing affection for each other when their products are placed next to each other.

Japanese blogger Zaikabou posted the images below that not only shows heterosexual love, but can also be arranged to show same-sex couples kissing and giving gifts to each other. According to Bored Panda, the items that can be combined are lemon-flavored Pocky cookie sticks and “teagurt” flavored tea.

The marketing campaign got positive reviews from Japan’s LGBT community. Maybe sometime soon a major American manufacturer will take a bold step like these companies did. While many corporations include LGBT people in advertising now, none have highlighted same-sex relationships on in-store merchandising.


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