‘Drag Race’ star Ivy Winters debuts holiday-themed ‘Elfy Winters Night’

‘Drag Race’ star Ivy Winters debuts holiday-themed ‘Elfy Winters Night’
Ivy Winters looks like she has plans for that candy cane.Photo: Via YouTube

The weather outside may be frightful, but it’s a different kind of icy under Ivy Winters’ shade in her claymation video for the holiday-themed “Elfy Winters Night.”

The irreverent video opens on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer taking a piss in the snow. Later, claymation Ivy and two clones of a different hair color, perform doo-wop style. While the style is reminiscent of Burl Ives’ Christmas classics, the video also has a Tim Burton-esque darkness.

The real Ivy Winters first appears in a television screen, performing with her flesh-and-blood trio.

“Naughty boys will line up and say they were nice,” she sings as a scroll unfurls featuring the names of  other “Drag Race” queens. Winters spins the shade as soon as she throws it. “But we don’t want the sugar, just give us the spice.”

Watch the video below to see who is on Ivy Winters’ naughty list—and who really keeps Ivy Winters warm on cold winter nights.

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