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Unlike Romney and McCain, Trump didn’t oppose antigay GOP platform positions

The Republican Party platform is staunchly anti-LGBTQ and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is bragging that he wrote “a large portion” of the bill and got no push back from the Donald Trump campaign, unlike with Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W. Bush.

“I have had to fight every Republican campaign, including George W. Bush’s campaign, John McCain’s, Mitt Romney’s, on the platform over life issues, marriage issues, human sexuality,” Perkins said on Friday in a conference call for Ohio pastors organized by Citizens for Community Values, reports Right Wing Watch. “I’ve had to fight every campaign except Donald Trump’s campaign. They actually worked with us on the platform, in fact whipped, meaning gathered votes, on one of my amendments on the Johnson Amendment.”

Perkins also claimed the nation will become a “very, very hostile environment” for Christians.

“And I’m not saying Donald Trump is the answer, but what I am saying, I am confident he will give you and I the space as Christians to exercise our freedoms in such a way to win the hearts and minds of men, women and children with the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we might transform this nation and turn it back to God again,” he added. “That, I believe, is what is at stake in this election.”

Listen to his comments below, first about the anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the platform and then about a Clinton versus Trump presidency.

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