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Televangelists say they’ll activate ‘100,000 prayer warriors’ to help Trump win

Televangelists say they’ll activate ‘100,000 prayer warriors’ to help Trump win
Donald Trump gets blessed by Christian evangelicals.Photo: Right Wing Watch

Antigay Pentecostal televangelist and faith-healer Morris Cerullo is hoping that “an army of 100,000 prayer warriors” can help petition the Lord into launching their favored candidates into office.

Charisma News reports Cerullo will broadcast the event live on Morris Cerullo World Evangelism’s Facebook page and website at 7 p.m. local time from Jerusalem. The event will air live at noon ET and also will be rebroadcast on Facebook and at at 9 p.m. ET.

“I feel called to build an army of 100,000 prayer warriors—a God-ordained Global Prayer Strike Force,” said Cerullo. “It’s time for the world to focus on America and pray for the land that we love.”

According to Charisma News, he will pray for: “divine intervention in our politics, and for peace and righteousness to prevail; God to raise up the right president; enlightenment for the electorate, especially evangelicals; God’s people to pray and vote for the right candidate, as well as the rest of the American electorate to make the right choice.”

He has posted an emotional call for prayer video on his Facebook page and linked to where people can sign up to join in the event.

Fellow evangelicals Kenneth Copeland and Rod Parsley are also on board.

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