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Grab your popcorn for Donald Trump vs. the ‘crooked’ news media

Update: Donald Trump changed his mind and met with The New York Times Tuesday afternoon for an on-the-record conversation. Details below.

What a week to be in the business of covering the looming presidency of Donald Trump! And it’s only Tuesday.

The unmandated victor of the 2016 election launched a new tirade of targeted tweets against the news media, as well as face to face attacks.

Tuesday morning Trump tweeted he was canceling his face to face showdown at The New York Times.

According to the Associated Press, the newspaper denied the charge and said Trump’s aides tried to change the rules. He’d been scheduled to meet Times reporters, editors and columnists and did not give details of his complaint in his tweet.

Eileen M. Murphy, the newspaper’s senior vice president for communications, said in a statement: “We did not change the ground rules at all and made no attempt to.”

The Times quoted her as blaming Trump’s aides for trying to alter the conditions, asking for a private meeting only, with nothing on the record, “which we refused to agree to.

“In the end,” she said, “we concluded with them that we would go back to the original plan of a small off-the-record session and a larger on-the-record session with reporters and columnists.” And that’s when Trump canceled and turned the tables on The Times.

But in just a few hours, the president-elect changed his mind and visited The Times for an on-the-record conversation. Times reporters live blogged and tweeted some of the more surprising statements:

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