Talk nerdy to me: Kate McKinnon’s best ‘Ghostbusters’ pickup lines

Talk nerdy to me: Kate McKinnon’s best ‘Ghostbusters’ pickup lines

There was plenty to love about Kate McKinnon’s quirky (and probably queer) character in the recent Ghostbusters movie. But outtakes from the film reveal a treasure trove of nerdy pickup lines that are sure to have the sapiosexuals swooning.

Because why use your own awkward approaches when you can borrow from a modern nerdy queer icon?

Here are some of the highlights.

1. “Have you done any clown work? You have a very fluid torso.”

2. “You smell like coconut.”

3. “I order a new fire extinguisher every two days.”

4. “I accidentally locked a man in a particle accelerator.”

5. “Who made you? Why? And why not sooner?”

6. “Do you have a mother? I’d like to speak to her. I’d like to give her a thank you card and $10,000.”

7. “Buster, you are somethin’ else. And I mean that in the best way.”

8. “I ruled the roost. Cock of the walk.”

9. “I was class president. I was homeschooled, but I ran against a bunch of my siblings.”

10. “I am the one in charge of all the dangerous equipment.”


Which cut scenes have you crushing? Watch the outtakes below.

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