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President Barack Obama endorses bisexual Oregon Gov. Kate Brown

President Barack Obama endorses bisexual Oregon Gov. Kate Brown

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown holds the distinction of being the only candidate for governor endorsed by President Barack Obama this year.

The President released a video endorsement of the openly bisexual governor Thursday, highlighting her accomplishments in the less than two years she’s held the office.

“It’s fashionable to complain about political gridlock. But, when you look, there are good things going on in America,” Obama said in the video. “That’s especially true in Oregon, where my friend Kate Brown is getting things done.”

Brown became the first openly bisexual governor in U.S. history after previous Gov. John Kitzhaber resigned. Because Oregon doesn’t have a deputy or lieutenant governor, the secretary of state steps into the role when the position is vacated.She’ll need to best Republican opponent Dr. Bud Pierce to remain governor.

Obama highlighted Brown’s passage of legislation raising the state’s minimum wage, her commitment to renewable energy, and investments in education.

“She’s made big investments in career and technical education, so more Oregonians have the skills to earn a good living,” Obama said. “And she’s the first governor in the country to pass legislation to fully transition over to renewable energy.”

Brown also recently came out as a survivor of domestic violence, during a debate against Pierce.

Watch his endorsement video below.

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