Polish gay couple responds to death threats with video promoting love

“The new government that was chosen a year ago is very conservative and radical. It also has big connections with the Catholic Church in Poland,” Kwiecinski says. “They want to forbid abortion, in vitro [fertilization], and there’s no chance for same sex marriage.”

He adds that members of the ruling Law and Justice party have sponsored a special exhibition decrying the impacts of “homosexualism” on health and wellness, and claiming that being gay is connected to pedophilia.

“That’s really nasty,” he says. “That display is shown in various Polish cities and it’s obvious that it conduces homophobia in Poland.”

The current political climate in Poland has been compared to what America might look like under Donald Trump. And Kwiecinski says Polish leaders have praised Trump.

“We heard that recently that Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs [Witold Waszczykowski] complimented Trump’s campaign. He said he ‘admired his effective campaign despite all of the unfair hate he faced in the U.S. and abroad,'” Kwiecinski recalls.  “If people from our conservative, Catholic, and radical party supports him, we know what to expect from him. That will not bring any good for the LGBT community.”

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