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Oprah calls out undecided voters: You don’t have to like Hillary to vote for her

Oprah Winfrey Hillary Clinton
Oprah Winfrey welcomes then-first lady Hillary Clinton during a live broadcast from Chicago on Oct. 28, 1997.Photo: George Burns, AP

Oprah Winfrey has a message for undecided voters who just aren’t quite sure if they like Hillary Clinton. So what?

“She’s not coming over to your house! You don’t have to like her,” Winfrey said during a recent appearance on the “T.D. Jakes Show.” “You don’t have to like her. Do you like this country? Do you like this country? You better get out there and vote. Do you like the country? Do you like freedom and liberty? Do you like this country? OK. Do you like democracy or do you want a demagogue?”

Winfrey endorsed Clinton back in June, calling the possibility of a her winning the presidency “a seminal moment for women.”

“What this says is, there is no ceiling, that ceiling just went boom! It says anything is possible, yes, when you can be leader of the free world,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Clinton tweeted out her appreciation for the endorsement from another trailblazer.

Winfrey endorsed Barack Obama over Clinton in 2008.

“Because I am for Barack does not mean I am against Hillary or anybody else,” she said at the time. “I have not one negative thing to say about Hillary Clinton.”

In this election, she says there “really is no choice.”

“The reason why I haven’t been vocal, other than saying I’m with her, is because I didn’t know what to say that could actually pierce through all the noise and the chaos and the disgusting vitriol that’s going on and actually be heard,” she revealed.

Now that we are so close to choosing the next president, Winfrey appears ready to at least attempt to have her unreserved endorsement heard.

Watch her make the case in the video below.

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