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What Milo is up to now is so outrageous and offensive, you’re likely to get mad


Welcome to the Dangerous Faggot Tour. My name is Milo, and I am the leader of this travelling safe space for truth, justice, and the American way.

I’m happy to be with you here in Delaware.  I will be honest with you, I thought Delaware didn’t actually exist.  I thought it was a made up state, like all the genders and sexualities people claim on Tumblr. You know, demisexual, pansexual, burgersexual (that’s the sexual identity of choice for fat acceptance activists).

I’m so used to seeing companies registered as a Delaware Corporation, I just assumed it was some sort of limp wristed diversity move.  If you want to be brave and stunning, say you’re based in the Delaware!

But it turns out you do exist! It’s just that you’re in New England, and very small, like my friend Duane.

We are going to talk about trannies tonight.  I had the idea for this speech as we traveled through North Carolina, which caused a lot of uproar with its law saying trannies can’t go in the women’s bathroom.

The bathrooms of North Carolina are one of the last meritocracies left in America. Isn’t that a bit sad? A tranny that can pass as a woman can walk into any women’s bathroom in the state.

It isn’t like men or women are keeping vigil searching for trannies.  Those that can’t make the cut, can’t pass as female– which is the vast majority of transexuals– aren’t able to hang out with the girls.


This is how it used to be everywhere, until the federal government decided to tell all Americans that men can go into the women’s bathroom.

More states are now fighting against that law, but North Carolina was the first to stand up and point out that whatever new clothes the emperor has, mutilating his genitals doesn’t make him an empress.

You know, it’s a struggle to come up with other examples of laws that help mere fractions of a percent of the population, while harming everyone else.  Actually it may not be so hard- just think of the special justice Hillary Clinton and her compatriots receive, as compared to military personnel thrown in jail for taking a few pictures in a submarine.

As you may have heard, some horrible miscreants put up some promotional posters last night that made a few people angry:

If these trannies are so upset by mere words, how are they going to deal with getting their dicks cut off?

My position is a simple one. There are only three genders:

Of course many trannies, or those that make up their own new gender, are not actually retarded. But they are deeply mentally damaged, and they are failed by a liberal establishment obsessed with making them feel good about themselves.

Consider how fanatical the liberal establishment, especially on campus, is with pronouns.  My pronouns in case you are curious are “Fag, Faggot, and His Royal Fagness”.  In the minds of the far left, what is important is not that a person be free to believe what they want about themselves, it is that all of us need to believe what they believe…. OR ELSE.

If trans lobby had its way, misgendering them would land you in jail.   How ridiculous is this idea!  Forcing people think a certain way, to make another person comfortable.

A tranny may say I am ugly. They’d be wrong of course. But they are free to say it.

More importantly, I do not base my self esteem on the fact that everyone around me is forced to accept whatever I say about myself.

Trannies need to learn to say “So What” if someone doesn’t accept them.  But they never will.  They are obsessed with being victims and being given special rights.

Everything they don’t like is transphobic. They’ve even invented a swear word for straight people: “cis”.

And if you won’t sleep with a tranny, you are transphobic. They call it the Cotton Ceiling, which is a stupid name. They should just call it: Biology.

My constant refrain is that we must not tailor our cultural norms to the whims of the mentally ill.

We do not require Americans to speak french to mental patients who believe they are Napoleon Bonaparte.  We also don’t change that poor soul’s birth certificate to say he was born in France centuries ago.

There is a mental illness in Israel called Jerusalem Syndrome, in which foreigners spontaneously believe they are religious figures from the bible.

Imagine if society had to conform to their lunacy?  You’d not only have to speak aramaic or some other dead tongue to them, you’d have to accept their faith. If you are an atheist and someone identifies as Jesus, will you risk disbelieving them, and being labeled a bigot? I think not!

This isn’t to say I don’t have sympathy with trans “folk”, as we are asked to call them.

I’m not, by the way, remotely the most offensive person on this subject.

Real people with the real disorder, that is, not transtrenders in the media, who are simply gay men dressing up for attention. I hate people like that!

I want you to imagine the struggles of a fellow student.  They feel they don’t belong in their body.  They were born the wrong shape, and when they look into a mirror, they see something alien…. It isn’t them.

This fellow student will go to any lengths to become the person they KNOW they are on the inside.  It may involve drug usage, mutilation, or starvation.

You may think I am describing a transexual, but I’m not- I’m describing a young person with Anorexia Nervosa.

Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder.  When detected, the sufferer will receive counseling and other mental health treatment to stop their destructive behaviors and learn to recover both mentally and physically.

Many sufferers of Anorexia end up leading normal and productive lives, and even maintain a healthy weight.

Now imagine if Anorexia was on the LGBT spectrum.

How would treatment differ?  The Anorexia would not be called a mental disorder, but something else, something non-offensive, maybe a condition.

It would be encouraged by parents and mental healthcare providers.  The trans-eating would be praised for their strength and encouraged not to eat.  They might even get surgery to remove some ribs to be even thinner.

It’s sick and disgusting, but that largely describes how gender dysphoria, formerly known as gender identity disorder, is treated today.

Even the DSM-V, the manual which is used to diagnose mental disorders, has bowed to the pressure of the establishment, which insists that trannies are healthy and legitimate. Their 2013 edition made the change from a “disorder” (Gender Identity Disorder) to a “condition” (gender dysphoria).

Some are still brave enough to say the truth, for example Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, who has said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are “collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

He said that and didn’t get droned by the Obama administration. I’m shocked!

Dr. McHugh and colleagues pioneered gender identity disorder studies in the 60’s.  They found no good reason to cut off healthy body parts.

In short, and this is the concept the entire left and LGBT spectrum rejects: reality DOES NOT and CAN NOT conform to delusion.

Trannies can never be women, or men for the small slice of women insane enough to desire to give up female privilege.

Trannies suffer from an astronomically high suicide rate after having their genitals mutilated.  Some theorize that they realize they did not magically turn into women, and cannot handle this truth.  Regardless of the reason, that this treatment continues is a travesty of medicine.

Every study shows the same thing: post-transition depression and suicide rates do not change or get worse.

One study in Sweden, which ran for 30 years, found the suicide rate of post-op trannies is 20 times higher than the normal population. Is that not the definition of medical malpractice? When a doctor’s operation leaves the patient 20 times more likely to die?

The Williams Institute at UCLA also found unbelievably high suicide attempt rates.  More than 40% of trannies attempt suicide, as compared to less than 5% of the general population, and somewhere between 10 and 20% of the gay and lesbian population.

There is a long list of health problems associated with trannies, some mental and some physical.

Researchers at Vanderbilt have documented many of these:

  • Problems caused by hormone therapy like liver damage and blood pressure problems.
  • Cancer in remaining organs- is it transphobic to tell a trans-man to get checked for cancer of the uterus?
  • Drug abuse just to deal with what they are…. Leading to dangerous sex and increased HIV transmission
  • Higher rates of anxiety and depression, especially among those without social support.
  • Higher risk for heart disease due to hormone use, smoking, and obesity.

No matter how you slice it (pun intended) trannies suffer a tremendous risk of suicide, worsening mental problems, and a massive range of physical issues.

Our medical establishment has taken one of the most vulnerable groups — certainly the most likely to kill themselves — and declared the way to treat their mental illness is to pump them full of estrogen, cut up their genitals, and make everyone call them a woman.

And the LGBT lobby and their friends in the media — the people vulnerable groups in society look to for support — are complicit in this self-mutilation and denial of reality.

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