Mexico’s soccer fans may be banned from stadium after 3rd fine for antigay slur

Chants by antigay Mexican football fans could well mean the national team plays before an empty stadium during World Cup Qualifiers.

The Mexican Football Federation has to pay a $30,000 fine for once again not addressing the problem of a homophobic slur, “puto,” that fans typically direct at opponent goalkeepers to distract them during crucial plays.

It’s the third fine for the MFF, and as PinkNews reported, it could lead to an empty-stadium ban for upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. But Mexico is hardly the only offender.

Honduras, El Salvador, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Italy and Albania all also received fines from FIFA.

The problem, says out soccer star Robbie Rogers, isn’t just the fans, but the organization itself. “FIFA is corrupt… it’s run by racist, sexist homophobic dudes, who are in charge and put their buddies in charge.”

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