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Eight year old dressed as Hillary for Halloween targeted with homophobic abuse

hillary clinton costume
This eight year-old is with her Photo: Twitter

An eight year-old boy killed it in his Hillary Clinton costume, and his moms had to share it on Twitter. It was too good not to put out into the world.

The couple, who live in Brooklyn, tagged Clinton in the picture, telling her that their son is with her, today and every day. In a subsequent tweet, they shared the backstory, writing that their five year-old daughter didn’t have a costume so they suggested Clinton. She wasn’t into it, so their son said, “Well someone’s gotta be Hillary.”

But since one of the fundamental rules of social media is that we cannot have nice things, it wasn’t long before antigay bigots came along to post their hate in response to the viral tweet.

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Thankfully, there were plenty of people who offered their support to counter the trolls.

h/t Gay Star News

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