‘Drag Race’ star Lucian Piane slams Clinton, trusts FADA loving Trump more

Lucian Piane
Lucian Piane Photo: Facebook

Donald Trump recently declared his support for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which would open up discrimination against LGBTQ people in the areas of employment, housing, healthcare and more, his latest move signaling to the world that his support of the community was just talk.

Not all in the LGBTQ community are ready to say that they are with her, however, including frequent RuPaul’s Drag Race guest judge and music producer Lucian Piane, who is loudly declaring his distaste for Hillary Clinton on social media.

Not only has Piane stated that he won’t vote for Clinton, he says he trusts Trump more than her because he speaks his mind. He also says the level of support she is receiving is sexist.

He stops short of saying he will vote for Trump, saying he is still undecided but leaning Stein.

His series of tweets on the subject, as well as his reaction to the backlash, are ongoing at time of writing. Here is some of what he has written so far:

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