Watch: Drag queen transforms in Times Square, makes unexpected friend


Getting into drag is a labor-intensive but transformative process. So watching a queen put on her face is in itself a type of performance art.

New York-based drag queen Monét X Change recently sat down in the middle of Times Square to do just that amid throngs of tourists. Monét didn’t expect any particular outcome so she was surprised when a tourist from Oklahoma sat down next to her and struck up a conversation.

“I set out on this project, with no expectations,” Monét wrote on Facebook, “and it was honestly one of the most organically beautiful things to ever happen to me.”

Though the two ostensibly had little in common, the pair quickly bonded, becoming fast—if unexpected—friends.

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“With racial tension at a boiling point in this country, this beautiful white woman comes over with eyes of love, and a heart of compassion,” Monét recalled, “to just ’make a friend,’ and now we are bonded for life.”

After their impromptu meeting, Monét invited Tulsa resident Jeannine Glover to attend a drag show that evening. She accepted the invitation and brought her family along with her.

Watch the sweet video below. (H/T NewNowNext)

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