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Tony Perkins claims ‘attack’ on religious freedom worse than terrorism

KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins is at it again. This time he’s trying to scare his followers into believing the make-believe “threat” to religious freedom is “just as dangerous” as ISIS according to Right Wing Watch.

Perkins has beat his chest and pulled his hair out in clumps for years over “radical Islamic terrorists,” so he must have a good reason for declaring his newfound obsession even worse, right? Sadly, all he has to back up his charges are several debunked claims about military chaplains and soldiers.

“There is a grave threat to America’s military you won’t hear about from the mainstream media,” Perkins wrote in a fundraising email to Family Research Council members. “No, it’s not a new terrorist group. But it’s just as dangerous. President Obama is bent on undoing the foundation of faith that has been a source of strength to America’s servicemen and women since Valley Forge. In the irony of ironies, those charged with defending your religious freedom are losing theirs.”

“Christian servicemen and women need you to stand with them NOW because the persecution they are suffering is going from bad to worse. All you have to do is look at the growing number of those serving our country in uniform who have been punished just for remaining true to their faith.”

Perkins then trots out a few debunked claims of service members being persecuted for “mentioning in a suicide prevention class how Scripture helped him through troubled times,” or “daring to post a Scripture verse in her workstation.”

“Individuals in the service who dare to live their faith are being singled out and put in the crosshairs, not for doing anything wrong, but for what they believe,” Perkins says in the wrap up. “No one who puts on our nation’s uniform should ever be forced to deny his or her faith to serve our country.”

Good thing they aren’t, but does the radical Christian extremist group care? Of course not. They care about fleecing more money from the gullible.

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