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That time Donald Trump said ‘It’s so natural’ to call Rosie O’Donnell ‘he’

Trump’s most bitter remarks about O’Donnell, however, centered on her weight, which his opponent Hillary Clinton has called a common theme in the GOP candidate’s public observations about women. “The Apprentice” star said in the speech it was “politically correct bullshit” for people to not say O’Donnell was “fat.”

“This slob, now I’m not allowed to use the word fat,” Trump said. “They say, ‘he used the fat word.’ I know much worse words. It’s funny, I called her a degenerate, I called her the worst things, nobody cared.”

And that wasn’t all: “So I hit her hard, right between those ugly ffff– eyes,” he added.

“But I go on the Today Show and Meredith Vieira, ‘Donald is true?’ – this is like two weeks ago I was supposed to talking about The Apprentice. She said, ‘is it true that you called Rosie crude.’ I said, ‘no, I called her a degenerate. I didn’t call her crude, it’s not strong enough.’ She goes, ‘but did you call her fat?’ I said, ‘let me ask you a question Meredith. Is she fat?’ ‘I’d rather not comment.’ Can you believe this bullshit. This is politically correct bullshit, OK? So I had fun.”

Trump left no stone unturned in his criticism of O’Donnell during this speech, even her children. “She said her children came up to her, ‘mommy, mommy’ and you know her wife is a very beautiful woman. I go, ‘mommy, mommy he called you the ‘F’ word.’ Now, I know two ‘F’ words and one is worse than the word ‘fat.’ Now, I would never call her fat.”

Watch the entire video of Trump’s speech, via BuzzFeed, by clicking here.

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