Seth Meyers won late night with his takedown of Trump’s debate performance

Late Night host Seth Meyers screenshot

Late Night host Seth Meyers’ evisceration of last night’s debate was flawless, hilarious, and on point – and it’s bound to win the internet today. From the hysterical media hype leading up to the event to the drama on stage, Meyers covers it all.

“Trump was so unprepared that at one point it looked like he maybe forgot Hillary’s name,” he points out as a clip of Trump asking Hillary Clinton if it’s okay to call her “Secretary Clinton.”

He gets in some jabs at Clinton too, calling some of her comebacks “her patented lukewarm zingers” and mocking a little dance she did after one of Trump’s craziest remarks – that he has a better temperament than she does – “how an aunt shimmies when she hears ‘Single Ladies’ at a wedding.”

Watch the clip below.

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