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Hillary Clinton won the first debate

Clinton accused Trump of spreading a “racist lie” that President Obama, our “first black president,” was not an American citizen, adding, “He has a long record of engaging in racist behavior.” She said the so-called “birther” issue was a lie, and “a very hurtful one.”

The audience erupted in laughter when Trump claimed, “I have much better judgment than she does. I have much better temperament.” That drew laughs from some in the debate crowd, and prompted Clinton to exclaim: “Woo! OK!”

The debate ended with both candidates saying in their own fashion that they will support whoever wins.

Here are some observations posted to Facebook by our readers:

Heriberto Rivera Jr. Clinton won…she was cool and actually funny. Trump took the bait EVERY time, my goodness it was a thrashing.

Rene Siqueiros Clinton. She had soooo much stamina. Just tremendous stamina. And knowledge. She quoted him on his shit and he got flustered.

Amada L. Abrego Hillary Clinton: “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. You know what else I prepared for? To be president.”

Joe Jimenez Clinton cleaned house. Keep it going so much is at stake here.

Richard Chuks IMO- Her best statement was “Anyone who can be provoked by a tweet should not be let anywhere near our nuclear launch codes”. I hope America listens.

Mike McDermott This wasn’t a debate. It was a joke. Lester Holt let the whole thing get out of control. It could have been a home run for Clinton. It won’t change any Trump supporter’s mind.

Trenten Hartline “I have much better temperament than she does… I have a winning temperament.” lmfao. Clinton won

Brandon Ferguson The whole thing was a joke. The only winner or loser here is the American people, and we lost big time.

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