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France deports two men intent on mass murder at gay club

France deports two men intent on mass murder at gay club

French officials last month reportedly deported two men after discovering they were plotting to attack a gay nightclub.

Reports say Redouane Dahbi and Ayyoub Sadki were in contact with ISIS. Local and international media reports say the authorities sent them to Morocco.

According to those reports, the gay club was only the start of a terrorist attack that paralleled the massacres in Orlando, Fla. and in Nice, France earlier this summer. The men allegedly planned to attack a restaurant and to use trucks to run over pedestrians in the Place de la République in Metz, France, east of Paris.

Almost 50 people were killed in Orlando on June 12, by a gunman swearing allegiance to ISIS; the gunman who shot and ran over pedestrians in Nice on Bastille Day killed 86 people.

The pair are being held in custody in Morocco until a court date can be scheduled, according to reports.


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