We’re everywhere! Pride flag flies to the edge of space

We’re everywhere! Pride flag flies to the edge of space
The LGBTQ Pride Flag miles above the earth.Photo: YouTube, Planting Peace

Forget the edge of glory, we’re in outer space, baby! The first Pride flag to fly so high: more than 21 miles above the earth.

Technically, it’s just shy of the stratosphere, but who’s counting?

The project is the brainchild of the organization Planting Peace and utilized a high altitude balloon and a GoPro camera, according to the Huffington Post.

The site says this social activism campaign to raise awareness about issues like LGBTQ rights eventually reached its peak altitude approximately 21.1 miles above the planet.

Once at the edge of space, the flag flew for more than three hours before falling back to Earth. Planting Peace called it a symbolic declaration of the universe as an LGBTQ-friendly space.

Watch the YouTube video of the launch below, by Planting Peace.

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