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Antigay extremist Bryan Fischer proclaims ‘diversity is not a blessing’

If you remember your Bible stories, the tale of the Tower of Babel is one that the American Family Association’s director of issue analysis wants you to think about whenever you encounter someone in America who doesn’t speak English.

Antigay activist Bryan Fischer, who has his own listing as a hatemonger in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s online catalog of extremists, says the “proliferation of languages” in the U.S. is a curse from God. And he says it’s been done for our own good, “to protect us from ourselves” because we have become fundamentally evil and a menace to the entire world, as Right Wing Watch reports.

And just as the God of the Hebrew nation cursed those who dared build a tower to reach heaven, by condemning them to speak different tongues, Fischer says God is punishing America by not forcing immigrants to learn English upon their arrival here.

“The confusion of languages is a check on the evil that otherwise a nation would do,” he declared, “and I think that’s what’s happening here in America, that this is a part of God’s judgment on America because we have drifted from Him and now, increasingly, the plans and intentions of the heart of the American people, the American government, our cultural leaders are evil.”

Listen to Fischer’s rant against multiculturalism below, in which he proclaims “This kind of diversity is not a blessing.”


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