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Amplifying bisexual voices

Amplifying bisexual voices

In honor of the 18th annual Bi Celebration Day, GLAAD and BiNetUSA teamed-up once again to draw attention to the issues faced by the bi+ community, including erasure and visibility.

Sue Kerr, founder of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, compiled the contributions from contributors to her #AMPLIFY project who identify as bisexual and/or pansexual. AMPLIFY is a blog based community art project Kerr founded, exploring the lived experiences of LGBTQ residents of Western Pennsylvania.

Kerr heralded those who contributed what she called their “rich array of suggestions, ideas and potential resources to challenge bi erasure and strengthen the community. As allies, it is our responsibility to listen, learn and respond,” Kerr wrote in the Huffington Post.

“It is an important fact to realize that there is no bisexual organization in Pittsburgh. There isn’t even an organization with the word bisexual in the name. There are few openly bisexual individuals in organizational leadership positions and only one openly bisexual woman serving as a commissioner in local government. There is very little dedicated programming and nothing with sustainable funding.

“So, I think 27 is a pretty good response from a community that has been largely ignored in this region. I applaud each of them for helping to raise the profile of their experiences.”

If you have ties to Western Pennsylvania, your story would be a welcome addition: click here to fill out the Q&A, which takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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