Out vocalist Brian Justin Crum gave us goosebumps singing this song

Out vocalist Brian Justin Crum gave us goosebumps singing this song
Photo: NBC via YouTube

Every once in awhile, America’s Got Talent  discovers someone who makes those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Susan Boyle certainly did when she appeared on Britain’s version of the program, and last night Brian Justin Crum won a standing ovation on the latest episode of the NBC talent contest show. He even had all four judges on their feet, before they heaped praise on the openly gay singer.

“Love, love, love,” said Heidi Klum. “This is your moment right here, right now.” Crum’s cover of Phil Collins’ 1981 pop hit, “In The Air Tonight,” was deemed by Klum to be the “best performance of the night hands down.”

Howie Mandell summed up his feelings in one word: “epic,” while Mel B. swooned. “You just get hotter and hotter and hotter as time goes on. You as a performer are so seasoned….you own that stage. You have everything.”

Perhaps the most crucial review is always that of the show’s creator, Simon Cowell: “You have that ability which is rare that you can take a song and you can turn it into your version…. I think it must be the most incredible feeling…you’re just a great person, an amazing singer, a great performer, I really hope you’re gonna make the semifinals.”

Crum posted on Instagram before the show that he dedicated his performance to “everyone going through a hard time in life.”

Here are two clips to watch Crum’s jaw dropping performance: scroll down to view a set-up piece from America’s Got Talent which features the singer’s mom as well as the song, or click on the first one to view the song in its entirety without any introduction. Enjoy!


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