Vegas cops bust YouTuber who threatened to kill ‘faggots and lesbians’

Bryce Cuellar1

In addition to his boasts about his ammunition, Cuellar posted about the Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub and outlined his political views: he is anti-government, believes in the sovereign citizen and militia movements. And this is why police say they’ve been monitoring Cuellar over the past three years.

Just one hour after the video making the threats was posted, police say Cuellar attacked his wife, punching her and knocking her to the ground. According to the police report, before she could get back up he had jumped on her and used his hands to choke her, telling her that he was going to kill her.

Police say Cuellar admitted to making the video and claims he was both drunk and angry. Detectives say he told them he knew he had screwed up with the video, and insisted he is not a murderer.

What isn’t clear is what took Las Vegas police so long to put Cuellar behind bars, where he is being held on $100,000 bond and awaits a hearing on charges of making terrorist threats on September 1.

Watch two reports about Cuellar from KTNV, below.

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