Uh, no, NBC, that Olympian is hugging her wife, not her husband

Uh, no, NBC, that Olympian is hugging her wife, not her husband
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In what is yet another embarrassing moment for NBC in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a sports announcer covering the beach volleyball event revealed he thought that woman openly gay Larissa França was hugging was her “husband.”

To his credit, Chris Marlowe did correctly report that França and her Brazilian beach volleyball partner, Talita Antunes, defeated Team USA’s Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Sweat in a sweep on Tuesday.

That’s when Marlowe suffered a slip of the tongue, reports USA Today. He misgendered Liliane Maestrini as NBC’s cameras focused on her embrace with França.

“She gives a hug to Lili,” Marlowe said. “That is her husband. She married Lili in 2013.”

As the jaws of viewers dropped around the world, Marlowe moved on. And Twitter exploded.


Marlowe did eventually tweet a mea culpa.

One of the responses to his apology was direct:

And one mansplained it all away:

Earlier this week, NBC was criticized for failing to mention out diver Tom Daley is gay, and that the man cheering him on was his fiancé, Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

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