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Phil Robertson: ‘They’re going to force me to run’ for President

Phil Robertson: ‘They’re going to force me to run’ for President

Reality show star Phil Robertson is following in the footsteps of Donald Trump. He’s threatening to run for President in 2020 if American voters continue to elect “depraved souls.”

The Duck Dynasty patriarch turned religious right darling appeared on a “teleforum” organized by My Faith Votes and worked his way through a condemnation of secular politicians before blustering about organizing his own run for the Oval Office.

“The people that get elected and are sent to Washington, DC that represent us, the United States citizens, we’re the ones that put them in there,” he said. “The problem is not so much the ones that end up in there, the politicians, it’s the people who put them in there.”

“If you elect depraved souls, you’re going to get depravity. That’s just the way it works.”

And if a “godly” candidate doesn’t step forward next time? There’s a chance we’ll see ole Phil’s name on the ballot.

“If they keep fooling around long enough, they’re going to force me to run,” he says. “If you want to see a change in America, get me in there, dude, and there will be a big change then, if y’all are ready for it.”

Apparently Robertson is holding a grudge against Ted Cruz. Robertson endorsed Cruz during the Republican primary, but soundly condemned the politician for refusing to endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The chairman of My Faith Votes is Ben Carson, another former Republican presidential candidate. It’s the group that organized Donald Trump’s summit with religious right leaders.

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