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Pat Robertson: Devil is tempting Trump down ‘rabbit trails’

Televangelist and blood diamond profiteer Pat Robertson took to the airwaves yesterday with a bit of advice for Donald Trump. Complaining about all of Trump’s recent campaign controversies, Robertson, a former Republican presidential candidate himself, said the billionaire should focus on economic issues as versus, say, attacking the parents of dead American soldiers.

“The Lord has handed Mr. Trump a gift of 1.2 percent GDP growth, which is absolutely pathetic and horrible,” Robertson said according to Right Wing Watch. “Stay off that and talk about the economy.”

Of course Robertson, known for his outrageous claims about about possession and Satanic influences, couldn’t stop there.

“The devil will get you off on rabbit trails every chance you get,” he said. “If you are susceptible to them and if you respond, then he’ll — there will be incitement constantly in your life. You have to block all that stuff out and concentrate on the one thing that is important. In the election right now, stay on message. It is the economy.”

Watch Robertson’s latest bout of crazy below.

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