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New York Democrat wants to erase pictures of gay couples from textbooks

New York Democrat wants to erase pictures of gay couples from textbooks
S.J. Jung

S.J. Jung, a democrat from Queens who is challenging the incumbent state senator Toby Ann Stavisk in the upcoming primary election, is not your typical democrat. While the national party has quickly moved to the forefront of the LGBT civil rights battle, Jung wants gays and lesbians to go back in the closet.

According to the New York Daily News, Jung is against same-sex marriage. In fact, he’s so opposed to marriage equality, he doesn’t even want photos of gay and lesbian couples appearing in textbooks. Stavisk, on the other hand, voted to legalize same-sex marriage in New York state.

Speaking to a group of Korean church leaders, Jung talked about “religious freedom” (read: special exemptions for their brand of religion) and asked for their prayers”so I can get elected to the New York State Senate to stop this from happening.”

“I pray Jesus Christ’s love to spread and his message speak through this election and your prayer of faith to make me become a warrior clad in armor,” he said according to a translated report.

When the Daily News contacted the candidate to see if he’d actually said he wants to ban photos of gay couples from textbooks, Jung didn’t deny the charge, saying it is a “matter of distinction, not a matter of discrimination.” Jung said he believes “in the Bible’s teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Jung told the newspaper he wasn’t referring to any specific legislation currently before the senate, but to “a general trend in the nation” following the Supreme Court ruling last year in favor of marriage equality. Since then, the religious right has been trying to whip the country into a fervor over supposed oppression of Christians by requiring public business to, well, serve the general public (including gays and lesbians).

“As a nation we must protect the rights and freedoms of all, regardless of their views on this matter,” he said.

Needless to say, he doesn’t stand a good chance of being elected. Stavisk, for her part, had no comment on Jung’s remarks. Probably best. They speak for themselves.

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