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Man accused of pouring boiling water on gay couple rejects plea deal

A Georgia man accused of pouring boiling water on a gay couple as they lay in bed has rejected a plea deal and will face a trial, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Martin Blackwell was indicted in March on aggravated battery and aggravated assault charges. Police say he attacked his girlfriend’s son and another man while they slept, resulting in burns that required hospital treatment.

According to authorities, Blackwell expressed disgust with the men’s relationship and told investigators he just poured “a little hot water on them.” Anthony Gooden, the son of Blackwell’s girlfriend, and Marquez Tolbert were both hospitalized, with Tolbert requiring surgery.

According to Tolbert, Blackwell had previously harassed them, asking if they were having a relationship, which Tolbert says he denied. After the assault, Tolbert says Blackwell shouted, “Get out of my house with all this gay [expletive].”

The FBI is investigating the assault as a hate crime.


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