The gay games: gold medalist comes out in Rio

The gay games: gold medalist comes out in Rio

With the revelation by Brazil’s first gold medalist at the Olympics that she is gay, a new record has been set for sports inclusion: 48 out Olympians are competing in the summer games in Rio de Janeiro.

Although judo champion Rafaela Silva has been very upfront on her social media accounts that she and Thamara Cezar are together, the women’s champ is only now talking about their relationship with reporters. Silva spoke to Globo magazine about her partner of three years, and how much she means to her.

‘”She was there every day and knew how I was feeling, when I was sick when I wasn’t,’ Silva told Globo. ‘Everything I needed, she was there to do it, so she is also very important in this victory.”

The couple have three dogs which they call their “kids,” and a visit to her Instagram account is like a trip through an online tunnel of love:


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