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Christians stiff Missouri waiter, leave anti-gay note instead of tip

Christians stiff Missouri waiter, leave anti-gay note instead of tip
The note left for Eddy Cabrera by homophobic customers. Photo: via Facebook

Eddy Cabrera, a waiter at Chelly’s Cafe in Kansas City, Missouri got an unexpected surprise from a table of homophobic customers too busy lovin’ Jesus to love their fellow man. After the group treated Cabrera disrespectfully, they didn’t leave a tip on their $84 check and instead left an anti-gay note.

“Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” the group wrote on a napkin that Cabrera found after the group left the restaurant. Cabrera, who was raised in Guatemala, didn’t understand the message at first until a friend explained it to him.

His friend, Jonathon Antle, who posted a photo of the note on Facebook that Cabrera “almost started crying” when he understood what the group had written.

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“This is his livelihood, and they treated him like dirt the entire time,” Antle said. “They just took food off of his ’table’ instead of treating him with basic human decency.”

“What they wrote is not a Bible verse, although I know ’If you do not love, you do not know God, because God is love’ sure as hell is.”

“I was told last week by a family member that I was imagining things when it came to hate toward the LGBT community from conservative Christianity and that I was greatly exaggerating the shit I lived through growing up. I wasn’t.”

As supportive comments poured in via social media, Cabrera wrote in response, “Thank you to everyone. Today was one of those days when everything [seems to go wrong]. All I can say is God bless all of you.”

After the story blew up, internet sleuths tracked down Tonisha Flowers, the woman who signed the credit card slip. In an update on the photo, Antle says she has apologized to Cabrera, saying it was someone else who wrote the note. No word on whether she came back to give the hardworking waiter a tip on that $84 bill.

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