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Australia wants trans men and the cis gay, bi, queer men who love them to GRUNT

Australia wants trans men and the cis gay, bi, queer men who love them to GRUNT
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“Keep it safe” are the first words one sees when you launch the new website called GRUNT in your browser — after you verify you’re over 18 years old.

Its name may be catchy and clever but the purpose is deadly serious for transgender men who have sex with cisgender men. They’re the target of this new sexual health campaign in Australia, aimed at providing important health information.


The Star Observer reports GRUNT targets men who may not have the same level of sexual health knowledge and literacy as their cisgender male counterparts, but are engaging in similar kinds of sex. It’s the creation of the Peer Advocacy network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities and Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

The site serves as a clearinghouse for information about condoms, PrEP, PEP, risk reduction, resilience and sexual health empowerment, according to AFAO CEO Darryl O’Donnell.

“Trans men deserve access to quality sexual health information that is developed by them and for them,”O’Donnell said. “We’re exceptionally proud that GRUNT delivers that.”

“This campaign is so important because trans men into men can’t often see ourselves reflected in sexual health campaigns that target gay men and don’t meaningfully and explicitly include trans men, even though we are part of this community,” said Ted Cook, campaign leader of

“We hope to educate our community while unapologetically celebrating who we are and the guys we hook up with.

“GRUNT is about positive, accurate and contemporary sexual health information with tools on how to stay safe and have a great time with other guys.

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