Whoops! British ‘Finding Dory’ book includes not-kid-friendly language

Whoops! A British version of the "Finding Dory" children's book includes an unsavory slang term. Ben Boyer

Lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres may be known for her family friendly comedy, but some British fans are pointing out a mistake in a children’s book that is not suitable for kids.

DeGeneres’ new Pixar flick “Finding Dory” has been hyped for years and the tie-in merchandise has started to flood store shelves worldwide. But a British version of a children’s storybook based on the film includes a mistake that wasn’t caught by a cosmopolitan copy editor.

While “spunky” means “courageous” and “determined” in American English, in the United Kingdom, spunk is a slang term for something a lesbian would not normally have all over her face.

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